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Sep 9, 2022 - HO Scale

Kato (Japan) - HO Scale - September 2022 Releases

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Dear HO Scale Customers;

Kato (Japan) has announced the September 2022 Releases

Kato will make a scale model of the electric locomotive EF81 95 Rainbow Color which can be combined with various trains.

EF81 95 emerged in 1987 along with EF65 1019 in the special paint scheme as a locomotive dedicated to draw European style passenger train “Super Express Rainbow”. The locomotives were later used not only for the passenger train but also for sleeper expresses “Hokutosei (North Star)”, “Akebono (Dawn)” and other extra trains and freight trains.

The locomotive attracted attention for the logo “EF81” painted large on the sides.

The popular EF81 95 rainbow coating machine is now available on the KATO HO gauge. At the same time, you can set upgrade parts such as hand pickpockets according to the body color to improve the details of each part, and you can also enjoy reproducing the appearance of your favorite era.


Composition of Trains



● Achieves stable driving performance and strong traction. A single aircraft can pass through R370.
- Equipped with a tail light lighting gimmick, it is possible to switch between single operation mode (both sides lit), shunting mode (one side lit when moving forward), traction mode (tail light off). In addition to endless running, we also recommend shunting driving play in a small space using the separately sold Kady coupler and uncoupler tracks.
- The number of user-mounted parts has been reduced as much as possible while reproducing the basic modeling of the truck and car body. You can easily take it out of the box and enjoy driving without worrying about parts being damaged.

- (HO) EF81 General color
- Showa 55-1982 (1980-1982), belonged to Tsuruga 2nd locomotive depot, the appearance when towing the blue train is a prototype
- The wiring on the roof is metal parts, the color of the insulator is reproduced in green
・Window glass gray H rubber, head marks "Sea of ​​Japan" and "Tsurugi", wheels adopt box cores. The numbers are ``97'', ``105'', ``106'', and ``108''.The upgrade parts set includes signal flame tubes, whistle covers, auxiliary whistle horns, wireless antennas (antenna body, pedestal), wipers, and jumper plugs., release lever, detailed hand strap, electric temperature indicator, and white insulator. It can be reproduced in your favorite form.  

- Guide holes for parts mounting have been set on the body, roof, and skirt of the

・Accessories: 2 types of head marks, selectable license plate, selectable maker's plate, driver for tail light lighting pattern switch
・Upgraded parts set: hand pickpocket, electric temperature indicator light (original/small), auxiliary horn, whistle cover, jumper plug, wiper, release lever, signal flame tube, Joban radio antenna/pedestal, train radio antenna/pedestal, White insulator set

● (HO) EF81 Hokutosei color
Product prototypes are Units 75 to 136. (Tail light fitting type, block type number plate, guide step attached to the inside of the skirt) Reproduce the standard form of EF81 arranged in various places
・The wiring on the roof is metal parts, the color of the insulator is green Reproduction / Hokutosei color is a prototype from 2008 to 2012 (2008 to 2012), belonging to the Tabata driving station, before and after the appearance of EF510 500 after one round trip of "Hokutosei". Window glass black H rubber, head marks "Hokutosei (silver edge)" and "Yume Kukan", wheels adopt rolled plate wheel core. Numbers are "78, 88, 93, 98"
・Upgrade parts set includes signal flame tube, whistle cover, whistle auxiliary horn, wireless antennas (antenna body, pedestal), wiper, jumper plug, release lever, Roller escape prevention device, detailed hand pickpocket, electric temperature indicator light, white insulator can be reproduced.

- (HO) EF81 95 Rainbow paint machine

 - September 2009 (Heisei 21 (2009) EF81 95 is a prototype after all detection fields
- Existing product (1- 320/321) achieves stable running performance and traction force
- Equipped with a tail light lighting gimmick. Can be switched to single-machine operation mode (both sides lit), shunting mode (one side lit when moving forward), traction mode (tail light off) In addition to endless driving, in a small space using optional Kady coupler and uncoupler tracks Shunting driving is also recommended.
・The insulators are reproduced in green.
・The black H rubber of each part and the dark gray of the hem belt are reproduced.
・The number plate and maker's plate are already installed. ])

 By using the grade-up parts set (sold separately), you can recreate the details of each part such as the handrails, as well as the appearance from 2002 to 2009 (2002 to 2009) with the logo on the side light windows.

(HO) EF81 Rainbow Coating Machine Grade Up Parts Set Consists of attached parts for 1 car of "Rainbow Coating Machine" with body color, roof color, etc. set to suit the actual vehicle: hand grip, electric temperature indicator light, auxiliary horn, Radio antenna, signal flame tube, Joban radio antenna pedestal, jumper plug, release lever, wiper, white insulator runner parts and replacement side glass (black H rubber, with logo), replacement with attached side glass (with logo) Specifications from 2002 to 2009 are also reproduced.

・By replacing the insulator on the roof with the white insulator of this product, before the summer of 1988 / 2018 5 Insulating grease after a month Uncoated state can be reproduced


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● No matter whether it is a floor, module or fixed diorama layout, an item is finally available which adjusts slight difference in length at the joints between tracks It is an expansion track which adjusts track length finely, very useful as connection track for side line sandwiched by turnouts, assemblable or module layouts.

◆ Not only does it comply with 9 inch NMRA module layout standard, but it enables fine length adjustment including HO Unitrack standard length of 246 mm..


■ Features of Product

① For smooth train run, it has employed something like real track's expandable joints, totally new structure, that is entirely different from the existing N Unitrack slide tracks.

② Length of the track itself adjustable…212~252mm

③ Usable to adjust the length of 9 inches (228 mm) and Unitrack Standard Length of 246 mm)

④ Regardless of the vehicle's weight, this item enables it to run smoothly.


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Order Due Date: September 22, 2022

Anticipated Delivery Date: February 2023

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