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Broadway Limited Imports - N Scale - USRA 40 ft Steel Boxcar - 2-Pack - Christmas Edition - Red/Green With Gold Lettering (SKU 187-7285)

Available On: June 1, 2022




N Scale



Shortly before World War I, the NYC and PRR pioneered the construction of all-steel box cars with steel sheathing. In 1922, the NYC began delivering their NYC Specification 486 steel box car. These became the second most populous steel box cars on Americas railroads, second only to the PRR X29 cars. From the 1920s through the late 1950s, these cars could be found everywhere on the New York Central system, as well as traveling in interchange almost everywhere in North America.

Variations in design over the decades were relatively few.   In this production run, all of our models will have rectangular-paneled roofs, AB brakes, ARA U-section trucks, and a steel-grid running board along the top of the car.   We model two variations of doors and two variations of end caps.   Some models will have corrugated doors and some non-corrugated.  The two end-cap variations are 7-8 corrugated ends and Dreadnaught ends.

In addition to the NYC models, we are also offering eleven 2-packs of models from railroads that ran the ubiquitous USRA 40' steel box cars.  The cars are almost identical to the NYC prototype in real life. 

The hopper car models come completely assembled and decorated.   Each 2-pack contains two distinctive cars with different road numbers.

Industry-leading Model Features:

  • Plastic (ABS) body with ABS chassis
  • Metal wheels and axles milled for Ultra-Smooth Friction-Free movement
  • Separate applied details include sliding main door, steel roof walkway, brake wheel and platform
  • Detailed Underbody
  • Operating Knuckle Couplers
  • Will Operate on Code 55, 70, and 80 rail
  • Minimum Operating Radius:  9 inches.





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