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N Scale Collector - New Haven McGinnis (New Image Paint Scheme 4 Pack)(2007 New England Convention) (SKU 976-NSC-MTL-07-24)

Available On: September 1, 2007

McGinnis New Image Paint Schemes 4 Pack

Photographer, graphic designer and Yale University professor Herbert Matter served as a design consultant to the New haven Railroad in the mid 50's. One of his assignments was to develop color scheme proposals which would draw one's attention to take notice of the New haven rolling stock when seen. His colorization and use of type fonts (HN) onto engines and rolling stock helped revolutionize the way one looked upon Railroads during this era. many of herbert Matter's design concepts that had been proposed were implemented however some were either dropped or put on hold awaiting new trains to arrive that had been ordered. Such is the case with the 4 very interesting experimental paint schemes that have been applied to our models in this pack. they saw the light of day, but on the artist's pallet until now.

New Image Car #1
50? single door Checkerboard scheme

This Herbert Matter design concept is somewhat a mystery. Some argue that this was one of Matter's first new image design concepts for boxcars since the checkerboard pattern is a character with the low white striped designs that appeared on locomotives and passenger cars painted earliest in the program. However, others argue that this design was intended for 500 50-foot boxcars ordered from Pullman Standard during July 1955. There is no evidence that this color scheme was ever applied to any boxcars on the New Haven. Despite this, it was a popular design with model train manufacturers.

New Image Car #2
40? single door boxcar with white ?N? over a Black ?H? and with a black sill ? this is what makes this car unique from all others.

Another unused new image design proposal for boxcars would have featured a red orange car body, white "N", black "H", white reporting marks, car number and data block, black side sills and underbody, and no "New Haven" lettering over the reporting marks. Note that the paint scheme is almost identical to the paint scheme that was adopted, except that the accepted new image had the black "N" over the white "H" and there was no black still.

New Image Car #3
50? single door boxcar with extra large N over H and orange hardware. This scheme eventually was used on 40 footers.

This is artwork for an unused new image design proposal for a black boxcar with red orange doors and ladders, a large billboard sized NH logo and the words "New Haven" centered along the side of the car. This paint scheme was seriously considered for the large order od 50' single door boxcars. This scheme was applied to several 40' Box cars.

New Image Car #4
Dimi Data on right was extra large

This unused new image design proposal for a red orange boxcar has the "New Haven" name, car number, and data grouped together in a rectangular block at one end of the car. This drawing bears the notation that reads "Approved by P.B. McGinnis per H. Matter 2/55" indicating that this was a very early new image design. Unfortunately the transportation authority will not allow this.

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