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Atlas - N Scale - MP15 DC Locomotive - Square air filter box - Chicago & North Western (Op. Lifesaver)(Yellow/Green) # 1304 (SKU 150-52263)

Available On: September 1, 2008

The 1500hp MP15DC was designed by EMD as a replacement model for the successful SW1500 switcher. The longer frame of the MP15DC allowed for increased fuel capacity and the use of Blomberg road trucks; increased sand capacity was also offered as an option. The first MP15DCs were built for Missouri Pacific in February 1974 and a total of 351 units were produced through the end of production in January 1983.

This release includes two different styles of long hood that were common to the MP15DC throughout production: standard hood and hood with square air filter box. In addition, various styles of hood and cab-end sand boxes are being offered.

Standard Features:
-Separately-applied roof detail
-Painted safety rails
-Dual flywheels
-Directional lighting
-Blackened metal wheels
-Scale Speed motor
-Factory-installed AccuMate magnetic knuckle couplers
-Many different railroad-specific details
-Separately-applied coupler cut levers

AccuMate couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.

Body Style Notes:

Photo by xrayguy

$114.95 US