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Kato - N Scale - GG1 - Amtrak (AMTK) # 913 - Black - (SKU 381-1372021)

Available On: April 1, 2011


     The Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1 class of electric locomotives were built between 1934 and 1943 at the PRR shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania, with a total of 139 units constructed. They remained in service with the PRR's successors until the early 1980's. The GG1 became one of the most recognized and famous classes of locomotive worldwide.

     While the famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy did not design the shape of the GG1 electric locomotives, he did improve their looks by recommending the use of a smooth, welded construction instead of a riveted assembly, along with a pinstriped paint scheme to highlight their smoothly rounded forms; the "streamlined" style, evoking speedy travel, was popular at the time.


     Amtrak and Penn Central: Thanks to the long life and usefulness of the GG1, many outlived the PRR, finding themselves in Penn Central, and later in their life, Amtrak paint. These locomotives were used in everything from freight service to pulling Amtrak Passenger trains.


Features Include:

- Blackened metal Pantographs with 3 elevation level (high, low ,down)
-► Able to go through a 9 3/4" radius S-curve
-► Powerful mechanism able to pull a full Broadway Ltd. Concist up a 4% grade
-► Illuminated + Directional Class lights, headlight and number boards
-► DCC Friendly




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