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TrueLine Trains - N Scale - 50' Newsprint boxcar with External Frame Plug Door - Canadian Pacific (Green/ Newprint Herald)(single car - Rd # 85135) - Sold Out at TrueLine Trains (SKU 1044-600069-S)

Available On: September 1, 2010

     In 1967 The National Steel Car Corporation started building 70 ton 50' Box Cars specifically designed for shipping rolls of newsprint from paper mills in Canada to Newsprint Companies throughout North America.
     A total of 3,592 cars were manufactured between 1967 and 1971 for six railroads. The vast majority of these cars remain in revenue service in 2008.
     The cars have an inside height of 11' 0" enabling newsprint rolls to be loaded in two tiers to provide maximum protection to the bruiseable newsprint rolls, the cars have smooth interior walls and cushioned underframes. The cars feature an aluminum roof, NSC-designed corrugated ends either smooth or an exterior-post Youngstown 9' wide plug door.

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