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Kato - N Scale - ACS-64 (Amtrak Cities Sprinter) Electric Locomotive & Amfleet Phase VI 5-Unit Bookcase Set - DCC Ready - Amtrak (AMTK) - SilverBlue/Red (SKU 381-1068001)

Available On: November 1, 2015


The ACS-64, also known as the "Amtrak Cities Sprinter", is Amtrak's replacement of the aging AEM-7 and HHP-8 electric locomotives for operation in the Northeast and Keystone Corridors. Built by Siemens and based on the EuroSprinter European electric locomotive design, the Cities Sprinter is nonetheless a unique model to North America and is built entirely in the United States. The Prototype, entering service as of February 2014, is meant to pull as many as 18 Amfleet cars at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour!

This release will be of a brand new tooling electric Locomotive from Kato in N scale as well as a brand new passenger car release! The Amfleet I, similar to Kato’s previously released Amfleet II, will replicate the prototype’s distinctive inside bearing trucks and body shape, while the ACS-64 is being built from the ground up to maximize pulling power and smooth running. Featuring all new molding and detailing, designed with assistance from both Siemens and Amtrak, the ACS-64 will have drop-in DCC compatibility, directional lighting, adjustable pantographs, and a seamless, modern look!

ACS-64 and Amfleet I Phase VI 5-Unit bookcase set:

• Siemens ACS-64 "Cities Sprinter" Electric locomotive Amtrak #601

• Amfleet I Coach Amtrak Phase VI #82500

• Amfleet I Coach Amtrak Phase VI #82605

• Amfleet I Coach Amtrak Phase VI #82741

• Amfleet I Cafe Amtrak Phase VI #48178

• 7-Slot book-style packaging that can be used to hold the base set along with an

additional two Amfleet cars.

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