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Kato - N Scale - Train Set - EMD FP7A & F7B Locomotives #s 95A, 95B, 381-1060430 and also Locomotive #95C, 381-1762301 - DCC Ready - Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha (MILW) - Orange/Maroon AND 9 car Passenger set, 381-106082 (SKU 381-MILW-Set)

Available On: July 1, 2017

The next in line for Kato’s “Classic Train Series” has been revealed – the Milwaukee Road “Olympian Hiawatha!” This train will be the post-1952 version featured the addition of the distinctive “Super Dome” lounge car! To pull this train, Kato will also produce a new FP7 locomotive to accompany it in a two piece set accompanying an F7B with an additional FP7 to allow modelers to complete the prototypical three-locomotive arrangement to pull this train! 

That is the “Olympian Hiawatha”, a 9 Car Passenger Set  and three Engines for speed and reliability.

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