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Athearn Genesis - HO Scale - EMD GP40-2 Diesel Locomotive - DCC Equipped w/Sound - Burlington Northern (BN) #3057 - Green/Black/White (SKU 141-65754)

Available On: September 1, 2018



By the early 1970s, many first generation diesels were reaching the end of their service lives. The most common replacement locomotives became the GP40-2. EMD began production of the 16-cylinder, turbocharged, 3000 horsepower engine in 1972. These locomotive were developed for service where higher horsepower and faster service were preferable. A major feature for the GP40-2 was the introduction of the “dash 2” modular electrical cabinet. For more than 40 years, the GP40-2 has worked main line freights, locals, switching jobs, yard service, and helper service. Many remain in service today. 


  • Fully-assembled and ready-to-run 
  • DCC-ready features Quick Plug™ plug-and-play technology with both 8- and 9-pin connector 
  • Scaled from prototype resources including drawings, field measurements, photographs, and more 
  • Accurately-painted and –printed paint schemes 
  • Coupler cut levers 
  • MU hoses 
  • Trainline hose 
  • See through cab windows 
  • Full cab interior 
  • Walkway tread 
  • Fine-scale Celcon handrails for scale appearance 
  • Windshield wipers 
  • Lift rings 
  • Wire grab irons 
  • Detailed fuel tank with fuel fillers, fuel gauges, & breather pipes 
  • Sander lines 
  • McHenry scale knuckle couplers - Kadee compatible 
  • Genesis driveline with 5-pole skew wound motor, precision machined flywheels, and multi-link drivetrain 
  • All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth & quiet operation 
  • All-wheel electrical pickup provides reliable current flow 
  • Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track 
  • Incandescent bulbs for realistic appearance 
  • Heavy die-cast frame for greater traction and more pulling power 
  • Packaging securely holds model for safe storage 


  • Onboard DCC decoder with SoundTraxx Tsunami2 sound 
  • Sound units operate in both DC and DCC 
  • Full DCC functions available when operated in DCC mode 
  • Engine, horn, and bell sounds work in DC 
  • All functions NMRA compatible in DCC mode 
  • Precision slow speed control 
  • Program a multiple unit (MU) lashup with lead unit only horn, bell, and lights 
  • Many functions can be altered via Configuration Value (CV) changes 
  • CV chart included in the box 



Former Frisco units repainted to Cascade Green in the early 1980s 

  • Often mixed with other units still in Frisco paint 
  • Mid-production units with pointed anticlimber, 88” nose, & corrugated radiator grills 
  • Operating nose-mounted gyralight (if applicable) 
  • Operating cab-mounted beacon 
  • Different position & type of cab mirrors per prototype 
  • Green or black anticlimber per prototype 

 # 3040, 3049, 3064: 

  • Nose Gyralight 
  • Prime Stratolight beacon 
  • Standard Dash-2 battery box doors 


  • Nose gyralight removed & filled in 
  • Western-Cullen beacon 
  • BN hinged battery box doors 
  • Additional MU receptacles on pilot 





$279.98 US